Stephanie Pass grew up in Dallas, Texas, and she still lives in a nearby suburb with her husband and four children. She’s been a state champion artistic roller skater, worked as a medical transcriptionist, was head of the lab of a breast milk bank, and she’s been mom-blogging and making food in the microwave for over ten years.

She lives for roller rinks, goth raves, and pop punk concerts. Most weekends, you’ll find her in the front row dancing and singing her heart out, especially if it’s a Taylor Swift tribute band.

Three years ago, she found out she had hereditary alpha tryptesemia and mast cell activation syndrome, and it completely changed her life. Not only did it make her hair go from straight to curly, but it also made her realize it’s never too late to make her life-long dream of being a writer finally come true.

When she’s not dancing, she’s coming up with stories while she walks her Boxer dog around the neighborhood. She writes as much as she can between taking care of her four children, one of which is about to fly the nest.